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Russell 'Bull' Keisel

The Story of Bull Integrated Water Systems

In 2012 our Uncle Russell (Bull) Keisel observed one of his friends struggling to rotate and chlorinate his emergency water storage which he kept in many one-gallon plastic bottles, while others were struggling with the infamous blue barrels and various purification chemicals.


Leonardo Davinci famously said “Simplicity Is the ultimate sophistication.”


Uncle Bull decided that he wanted to develop a simple way to integrate high volume emergency water storage right into his home water system and provide a simple way to protect his stored water from contamination. The icing on the cake was his plan to develop a simple way to rotate and refresh his stored water without chlorinating it, or wasting it.

And Uncle Bull went to work....the system design evolved a lot over the first two years, but Uncle Bull stayed with it until he finally arrived at the simple genius design of his integrated home water storage system. In 2014 he obtained a Patent on the system that is now know as the industry leading water storage system.

Uncle Bull has now trusted his labor of love with us, his nephews.   We continue to make some minor functional design changes, but Uncle Bull’s simple genius is still on full display in the state-of-the-art “Bull Integrated Water System”, proudly named after the man who designed it.

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