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Bull H2O Sureflo Water System - Two-Tanks

Bull H2O Sureflo Water System - Two-Tanks

SKU: Bull_CB-500

Clean water for use in our homes may well be our most critical resource, especially during an emergency event when our culinary water becomes contaminated or unavailable. The Bull Integrated Water System is the leading water storage solution on the market today.


Our patented Bull System gives you peace of mind by making your stored water available through the plumbing system in your home to deliver clean and safe drinking water to every location in your home, including faucets, showers, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.


We install heavy duty, FDA approved water storage tanks that range in size from 100 Gallons to 250 Gallons. We can also link multiple tanks together to provide you with 500, 750, or even 1000 gallons of clean drinking water, fully integrated with the plumbing in your home.


NOTE:  All tanks are FDA approved, BPA free, and designed to store potable water. Depending on the purchase location, some tanks may be of a different design and dimension than those shown above.




    • Heavy Duty Water Pump that pumps stored water through your home at 55 PSI.
    • AC/DC Power Converter to power the Water Pump.
    • Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery (Maintenance Free) – will power your system long enough to empty your tank in the event that you lose power to your home.
    • Battery Trickle Charger – Ensures that your battery maintains a full charge at all times.  Note: The trickle charger is not intended to recharge a dead battery. If your battery power is fully drained during usage of the system, the battery will need to be recharged with a standard 12-volt charger.
    • High Quality PEX piping and fittings to connect the Bull Control Box to the main water line in your home.
    • 2 Power Switches (1 to Power the Pump using the AC Power in your home, the other to power the pump using the DC battery backup.
    • Step by Step instructions to walk the homeowner through the process of using the system.
    • Installation Guide – An illustrated and detailed step by step guide to walk the plumber through the installation of the system.
    • Two 250 Gallon, FDA Approved Water Storage Tanks.
    • Three Year Limited Warranty


    NOTE: Installing plumber will need to provide the PEX piping and fittings to connect tanks to the Bull Control Box and the water main.


    The patented Bull Control Box is 22.5" x 22.5" x 6" and must be installed on a wall near your main water line.


    Our standard 250 Gallon Water tank is 88" tall and 30" in diameter. We recommend at least 3 inches of clearance above the tanks to allow space to remove the top lid if ever required.


    For Two tank installation, you will need a minimum of 61" x 30" floor space if the tanks are installed side by side.


    For Three tank installations, you will need a minimum floor space of 92" x 30".


    PLEASE NOTE: We recommend verifying that the passageway to the installation location does not have any tight corners which tanks cannot be maneuvered around, and that doorways and passageways are at least 31" wide.


    The Bull Integrated Water System is shipped with a detailed installation guide and should be easily installed by a licensed, experienced plumber.


    The System is generally installed in the home’s utility room with access to the main water line and a power source. However, the system can also be installed in cold storage or garage locations so long as that location has access to the main water line and a power source.


    Bull Water Systems are intended to be installed indoors and in locations that will avoid freezing temperatures. Installations where freezing temperatures may be a problem would require the buyer to install insulation and/or other freeze protection for the tanks and all exposed water lines and valves.


    A Bull System Installation hotline is also available to plumbers to answer any questions they may have during installation.


    Your Bull Integrated Water System will ship in three different shipments as follows:


    1. Patented Bull Control Box - The Control Box will ship via UPS Ground and should arrive within 3-5 Business Days in most areas.


    2. FDA Approved Water Tanks - We will arrange for the tanks to be delivered to your home. It usually takes 7-10 Business days for delivery.


    3.  Back up Battery - The battery will be shipped and delivered via Amazon. The delivery schedule should usually coincide with the delivery of the Bull Control Box.

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